When it comes to modifying your LAND ROVER, the smallest changes add up to make the biggest difference

Is there such a thing as a standard Land Rover? One of the joys of Land Rover ownership is the personal stamp we all put on our cars. Very few new vehicles ever get left totally showroom standard, virtually everything ends up receiving some sort of personal touch.

Indeed, modifying them is a huge part of a Land Rover’s appeal. It might be a simple compass fitted to the dashboard, but equally, it might be another axle, a rear crane, or a huge V8 engine. You name it, someone has done it, thought of it; liked it or hated it.

That does raise the question perhaps of what is considered a good modification. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we’re not fit to properly judge what should or should not be done to a car we don’t own. What one person likes, you can guarantee another will despise. That is just life. Where it gets interesting is where you can see it done with thought behind it.

Modifying with taste is a real skill in itself, and often doesn’t involve much in the way of complex ideas. When LRM turned up a striking-looking 90, it taught us a lesson in how little you have to change to make a really big difference to a Defender.

Land Rover Mods

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