Engine re-builds

Engine re-buildsAt land Rover Spares, we provide expert engine re-builds and recondtioning services for customers throughout Australia, and all for very competitive prices. With more than 20 years’ experience in the business, we’ve built up a respected reputation and become a leader in our industry .

Renowned for our work with Land Rover we’re recognised as one of Australia’s leading Land Rover engine re-build, gearbox and diff rebuild specialists.  You can rest assured that you’ll always receive superior service when you come to us.

Our talented team is highly skilled in machining, and we use only the finest equipment for all jobs.

Engine reconditioning

A reconditioned engine is only as good as the parts that are used and the person doing the rebuilding. We will get your engine back into shape, leaving it with the performance, reliability and economy of a new car. For every petrol and diesel engine reconditioning job we take on at our Gympie workshop, we source and order only premium-quality parts from reputable suppliers across the country. This means the heart of your car gets new quality valves, bearings, camshaft, timing chain, machined crankshaft and other parts.

Engine repairs

If you take good care of your engine, it will have a better chance at a longer life. Contact us for an engine repair and breathe new life into your car’s engine. For any diesel, gas, petrol or marine engine repair, we have you covered.


We offer engine machining on our premises where our fully equipped workshop and team of mechanics and technicians work together to ensure your engine parts are precision made and expertly installed. We will repair parts and machine new parts if required.

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